Thursday, 29 March 2018

AAT Appointments

Media release

Today, I am pleased to announce the reappointments of Mr Ian Molloy as a Deputy President and Mr Nicholas Gaudion as a member to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, each for a period of five years.

Mr Molloy and Mr Gaudion’s appointments commence on 11 April 2018.

Both of the appointees are highly qualified to undertake the important task of conducting merits review of government decisions.

Mr Molloy was first appointed as a part-time Deputy President of the Tribunal in 2013. Mr Molloy has 39 years’ experience as a barrister in Australia and Papua New Guinea. As a Deputy President,

Mr Molloy has the ability to work across all of the Tribunal’s divisions.

Mr Gaudion has been a part-time member of the Tribunal since 2013. He works across three of the Tribunal’s divisions. Mr Gaudion is also a chartered accountant and Director at a private forensic accounting firm.

On behalf of the Government, I congratulate Mr Molloy and Mr Gaudion on their reappointments and look forward to the contribution they will continue to make to the Tribunal.