Building leadership in the arts

19 February 2014

I welcome the launch of the Philanthropic Mentoring Program to build philanthropy skills in the arts sector. The new program was developed by the Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Partnerships Australia (CPA) in conjunction with McCarthy. 

The Australia Council and CPA have committed $100,000 each to the program which will provide funding to connect ten arts development staff with executives in the business sector.

The Australian Government aims to foster Australian artistic excellence in all its forms and one of my key priorities as Australia’s Arts Minister is to grow funding and other support for the arts from the private sector.

Each year, the Government invests around $700 million to support a dynamic network of organisations and individuals working in the arts and culture sectors.

Private sector support provides an essential supplement to the Government’s funding for the arts and accounts for approximately 10 per cent of all arts funding. I believe there is capacity to increase private sector support and with initiatives like this mentoring program we will build more support while developing skills across the arts sector.

Programs designed to tap into experienced business people through mentoring and skills-sharing will make a significant difference to the long-term ability of Australia’s arts sector to build its base of donors, sponsors and volunteers.

The Philanthropic Mentoring Program is open to artists, groups and organisations in the not-for-profit arts sector across all art forms with an operating turnover of $2 million or more.

Applications close on 24 March 2014.

For more information visit the Philanthropic Mentoring Program page on the Australia Council for the Arts websites.