Additional ASIO funding

1 October 2014

The Government is providing ASIO with an additional $196.8 million over four years to combat terrorism. This money is part of the $630 million of counter-terrorism funding I recently announced with the Prime Minister.

This commitment arrests the recent decline in ASIO's funding, imposed through efficiency dividends and other additional savings, which has seen its funding reduced by over $100 million over the last four years. This will better position ASIO to counter the increasing and evolving threats of terrorism and violent extremism.

With its funding restored, ASIO will strengthen its human intelligence collection, technical collection, surveillance, investigation and assessment capabilities through an increase in the number of intelligence officers, analysts and technical specialists. Extra funding will also allow ASIO to increase its liaison with counterpart security agencies overseas.

The additional founding will:

  • increase our capacity to detect and investigate individuals and groups involved in terrorism-related activities affecting Australian interests, whether onshore or overseas;
  • provide greater analytical resources to improve ASIO's understanding of the threat posed by these individuals and groups, and to pursue leads in more depth
  • strengthen advice to government and partner agencies to support the disruption of extremist activities and implement more effective preventative security measures, and
  • increase the exchange of terrorism-related intelligence and joint activities with foreign security and intelligence services to mitigate the threat from foreign fighters.

ASIO makes a vital contribution to Australia's security and counter-terrorism efforts. This boost will assist their efforts to disrupt terrorism planning and to help bring to justice those Australians who are engaging in, or supporting, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq.