Parliament passes Foreign Fighters Bill

30 October 2014

The Parliament has today passed the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Foreign Fighters) Bill.

This Bill provides important measures that will enhance the capability of our law enforcement, intelligence and border protection agencies to keep Australians safe.

The conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and the terrorist organisations involved, have changed the threat environment, providing an opportunity for radicalised Australians to travel overseas, become further radicalised and develop the necessary capability to undertake terrorist acts.

These returning foreign fighters and supporters of foreign conflicts pose a significant threat to Australia and our way of life. We have also seen people in Australia influenced by extreme terrorist ideology.

This Government is determined to prevent a culture of radicalisation taking hold in some elements of our society.

This Bill will provide our law enforcement and security agencies with the tools they need to disrupt terrorist attacks on our soil, help prevent the recruitment of others to fight overseas, and hamper revenue raising for terrorist organisations.

This Bill is the second stage in the Government’s reform of Australia's national security legislation.

The Government thanks the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security for its thorough analysis and constructive approach in its review of the Bill.

The Government also thanks the Opposition for recognising the need for these important reforms.