Inaugural meeting of the Industry Consultation on National Security (ICONS)

8 October 2014

Joint media release

Senator the Hon George Brandis QC

Minister for Justice
The Hon Michael Keenan MP

Tomorrow we will host the inaugural meeting of the Industry Consultation on National Security (ICONS). ICONS was established to encourage closer collaboration between business and the Australian Government on national security issues.

Australia's businesses increasingly face a range of national security challenges. Industry leaders bring a unique perspective to the table, having often had to meet such challenges head-on.

Senior leaders from across business and academia will participate in the ICONS meeting, along with the heads of relevant Australia Government agencies. The agenda includes candid discussions on several key threat areas, including terrorism, cyber‑security, espionage, and organised crime.

ICONS also provides an opportunity for members to share their views on potential national security deregulation initiatives as part of the Australian Government's commitment to cut $1 billion in red tape every year.

The top priority of the Australian Government is to ensure that our people, economy and way of life are protected from the broad range of national security challenges that we face.

For this reason, it is crucial that business and government work closely together, and share mutual insights and experience.

The Government thanks industry leaders for their active participation in addressing key national security issues in a collaborative and effective way. ICONS will become a permanent feature of our national security architecture and will meet on a regular basis.