US decision regarding David Hicks

19 February 2015

The Government notes the decision by the United States Court of Military Commission Review into Mr Hicks' conviction.

The review was about the validity of the US law under which he was convicted, not about whether he carried out the activities of which he was accused.

Mr Hicks has made a number of admissions regarding his activities, including in letters to his family and in his book, for example that he undertook training with militia and terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and that he had met Osama bin Laden on many occasions and considered him a 'brother'.

Those particular activities were carried out before the 2002 and subsequent counter-terrorism laws. The type of activities that Mr Hicks has admitted to, including training with al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations in Afghanistan, would likely now fall within the scope of Australian terrorism laws.

The Australian Government's dealings with Mr Hicks, at all times, have been in accordance with Australian laws.