Renewed Commitment to National Visual Arts and Craft Strategy

24 March 2015

The Australian Government welcomes a renewed commitment to the national Visual Arts and Craft Strategy in partnership with the states and territories.

The Australian, state and territory governments have worked together through the Meeting of Cultural Ministers to revitalise the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, which has played a fundamental role in supplementing funding to the visual arts and craft sector since 2003.

The revitalised strategy will support contemporary visual arts and craft practitioners and organisations, and maintain a strong and dynamic visual arts and craft sector in Australia.

By collaborating, the Australian, state and territory governments are providing strategic and coordinated support to visual arts and crafts. I am proud of the Australian Government’s commitment to provide $27.3 million from 2015-16 to 2018-19 with states and territories committed to matching our contribution, making a total $54.6 million investment in the sector over the next four years.

This crucial agreement between governments provides operational funding to arts organisations that is unavailable elsewhere, giving organisations the capacity to develop cutting-edge programs and exhibitions. Funding also supports the work and professional development of the country’s most exciting and innovative visual arts and crafts practitioners.

The strategy also aims to deepen audience engagement with visual arts and craft, expand markets and international connections, ensure that opportunities exist for Australian contemporary visual artists and provide support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

A select number of visual arts and crafts organisations will be funded as national leadership organisations on six-year agreements. This funding will align with the new Australia Council grants model and give these organisations improved financial security.

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