Reporting Violent Extremism Online

9 February 2015

The Government has launched the Report Online Extremism tool of the Living Safe Together website for people to report illegal or offensive extremist material they find online.

This will create new opportunities for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to investigate violent extremist online content, including pictures and videos reported to them by the public. It is illegal to use social media to make threats to kill or cause serious harm to another person and, following the Government’s recent reforms, to advocate terrorism.

Extremist material and illegal content that is found online will be assessed by authorities who will take action, such as taking down sites if hosted in Australia or prosecuting people if crimes have been committed.

If the reported material is hosted on an international site, it may be sent to international partners and Interpol, or raised directly with service providers such as Facebook and YouTube.

The Report Online Extremism tool complements the $545 million committed over four years to social cohesion, education and employment initiatives. The tool is part of the Government’s Countering Violent Extremism targeted intervention programme. This programme identifies radicalised and at risk people and delivers a range of tailored services such as mentoring, counselling, education and employment services, that will help them turn away from ideologies of violence and hate.

The online environment is being used as a propaganda tool by terrorist organisations which have become increasingly sophisticated in their use of social media to recruit vulnerable people.

Young Australians are being targeted online by terrorist groups like ISIL and this is one important way for communities to work with the Government to challenge their destructive messages.

The online form to report extremist and illegal content is available at