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Appointment of Acting Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

Media Release

The Hon Dr Christopher Jessup QC has been appointed as Acting Inspector‑General of Intelligence and Security.

Attorney-General, Christian Porter, announced the appointment today, saying Dr Jessup would perform the important function of assisting Ministers to oversee and review the activities of Australia's intelligence agencies to ensure they act legally and with propriety, comply with ministerial guidelines and directions, and respect human rights.

"Dr Jessup is a highly experienced barrister and former judge of the Federal Court of Australia," the Attorney-General, said.

"He holds qualifications in economics, law and applied science. He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1987 and has over 30 years of experience at the bar.

"I thank Dr Jessup for agreeing to act as the Inspector-General. He will be appointed on an acting basis from 18 January 2021, while preparatory arrangements for his permanent appointment are made."

The Attorney-General also thanked The Hon Margaret Stone AO FAAL for her valuable contribution in overseeing and reviewing the activities of Australia's intelligence agencies over the course of her term.

For more information about the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, visit the IGIS website.