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Appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Media Release

Today, I am pleased to announce 86 appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, comprising 34 new appointments and reappointments for 52 existing members. Most of the appointments have been made for five years with others being for a period of either three or seven years.

In recent years, the Tribunal has experienced a significant increase in the number of applications being lodged. These appointments will provide the Tribunal with more resources to undertake the important function of conducting merits review of government decisions.

I particularly thank The Hon. John Pascoe AC CVO for agreeing to take up the position of Deputy President. The Hon. John Pascoe retired as Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia late last year. He brings with him to the role of Deputy President a wealth of decision-making and effective leadership experience. These attributes will serve the Tribunal well as it works to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently as an organisation.

The Government has made the following new appointments:

One full-time Deputy President

  • The Hon. John Pascoe AC CVO

Three full-time senior members:

  • Dr Stewart Fenwick
  • Mr Chris Furnell
  • Mr Damien O’Donovan**

Two part-time senior members:

  • Mr Paul Ehrlich QC
  • Dr Dominic Katter**

12 full-time members:

  • Mr David Cox
  • Mr David Crawshay OAM
  • Ms Phoebe Dunn
  • Mr Shane Evans**
  • The Hon. Joseph Francis**
  • Mr William Frost**
  • Mr Steven Griffiths*
  • Dr Keith Kendall
  • Mr Peter Ranson
  • Ms Lynette Rieper
  • Mr Peter Smith
  • Mr Michael Sutherland

16 part-time members:

  • The Hon Robert Baldwin
  • Mr Anthony Barry
  • Mr Stephen Barton
  • Mr Terrence Baxter OAM*
  • Ms Jane Bell
  • Mr Anthony Durkin
  • Ms Dawn Fitzgerald
  • Mr Ian Fletcher AM
  • Mr John Griffin*
  • Mr Alex Grossman
  • Ms De-Anne Kelly
  • Mr Andrew McLean-Williams
  • The Hon. Stephen Parry**
  • Ms Susan Reece Jones
  • Dr Matthew Reid
  • Ms Fiona Zuccala

The Government has also made the following reappointments:  

Two full-time Deputy Presidents:

  • Mr Gary Humphries
  • Mr Bernard McCabe*

One part-time Deputy President:

  • Major General Aziz Gregory Melick AO FRD SC

Three full-time senior members:

  • Ms Kathryn Millar+
  • Mr Jason Pennell+
  • Ms Adria Poljak**

Three part-time senior members:

  • Mr Michael John McGrowdie*
  • Mr Shahyar Roushan
  • Ms Rania Skaros

Eight full-time members:

  • Ms Moira Brophy
  • Mr Antonio Dronjic
  • Ms Fiona Hewson+
  • Mr Simon Letch
  • Mr Andrew Maryniak QC+
  • Ms Alison Mercer
  • Mr Hugh Sanderson
  • Mr Christopher Smolicz SC

35 part-time members:

  • Ms Robyn Anderson
  • Dr William Appleton
  • Ms Michelle Baulch
  • Ms Angela Beckett
  • Prof Timothy Bohane
  • Dr Alexandra Bordujenko
  • Ms Rhonda Bradley*
  • Dr Niall Cain
  • Mr Andrew Carson*
  • Mr Steven Cullimore
  • Prof John Devereux
  • Mr Marshal Douglas
  • Ms Amanda Ducrou*
  • Mr Bronte John Earl
  • Ms Julie Forgan
  • Mr Stavros (Steve) Georgiadis
  • Dr Jonathan Gillis
  • Ms Anne Grant
  • Dr Heidi Gregory
  • Dr Beverley Grehan
  • Mr Adam Halstead
  • Ms Tamara Hamilton-Noy
  • Dr Susan Hoffman
  • Ms Julia Leonard
  • Ms Susan Lewis
  • Dr Geoffrey Markov
  • Ms Maxina Martellotta
  • Mr Paul Noonan
  • Dr Aruna Reddy
  • Ms Andrea Schiwy
  • Dr Harry Schwarz
  • Ms Wan Shum
  • Ms Meenakshi (Meena) Sripathy
  • Dr Bruce Swanson*
  • Ms Yvonne Webb

On behalf of the Government, I congratulate the appointees and I look forward to the contribution they will make to the Tribunal.

All new appointments commence on 25th February 2019 whilst reappointments commence at the conclusion of the current term.

* denotes a three year appointment
** denotes a seven year appointment
+ denotes a new appointment until previous term was due to expire