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Reappointment of First Parliamentary Counsel

Media Release

I am pleased to announce the reappointment of Mr Peter Quiggin PSM as First Parliamentary Counsel to the Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) for five years, commencing on 13 May 2018.

OPC is the Commonwealth’s principal provider of professional legislative drafting services and provides comprehensive public access to Commonwealth legislation through the Federal Register of Legislation.

Mr Quiggin has served as Australia’s First Parliamentary Counsel since 2004.

He has shown strong leadership in the position, successfully integrating the Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing with the Office of Parliamentary Counsel to provide a structure that is efficient and effective.

Mr Quiggin has been instrumental in putting in place measures to enhance the Commonwealth statute book through OPC’s clearer laws agenda, including by promoting plain English drafting, reducing complexity, publishing drafting directions and other guidance material online, and continually improving the online accessibility of laws.

The Government looks forward to continuing to work closely with Mr Quiggin and the ongoing contribution he will make to OPC in producing clear, consistent and precise legislation. On behalf of the Government, I congratulate Mr Quiggin on his reappointment.