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Senate motion

Media Release

An early email advising an approach on the motion went out from my office on this matter without my knowledge. 

It appears that, of the very large number of motions on which my office's views are routinely sought, this one was not escalated to me because it was interpreted in my office as a motion opposing racism.  The associations of the language were not picked up.  Had it been raised directly with me those issues would have been identified.  

As Minister Cormann said this morning this was the result of an administrative error, including on the part of my office.

Naturally I'm reviewing the processes in my office to prevent such an administrative error in the future. Having been part of an error that put Senator Ruston in a very difficult position a tweet from my office condemning all forms of racism was meant as nothing more than support for that same proposition which Senator Ruston, despite being placed in a difficult position, put in the Senate that the Government condemns all forms of racism.