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Transcripts published by the Attorney-General.

Latest transcripts

Doorstop Press Conference Parliament House Canberra

Subjects: IR reform

6PR Mornings with Gareth Parker

Subject: Family Law Inquiry, Wage Theft Discussion Paper

Doorstop Media Conference, Parliament House, Canberra

Subjects: Agricultural trespass laws; Government legislative agenda, integrity commission

6PR Mornings with Gareth Parker

Subjects: Australians in Iran; Gladys Liu; base jumping Perth CBD

6PR Mornings with Gareth Parker

Subjects: BP worker sacking, Religious Freedom, Perth City Christmas celebrations

Sky News with Tom Connell

Subjects: Mandatory sentencing for child sex offenders

Media Conference Perth

Subjects: Mandatory sentences for child sex offenders

ABC Melbourne Drive with Raf Epstein

Subjects: Religious discrimination bill

2GB Breakfast with Alan Jones

Subjects: Draft religious discrimination legislation

Doorstop Sydney

Subjects: Religious discrimination bill