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Transcripts published by the Attorney-General.

Latest transcripts

ABC News 24 – Patricia Karvelas

Subjects: NPC speech – defamation; robodebt; Religious discrimination; integrity commission

Sky News – Tom Connell

Subjects: NPC speech; Religious freedoms, press freedoms; Ensuring Integrity; secondary boycotts

Q&A from the Address to the National Press Club Canberra

Subjects: Ensuring Integrity Bill, Religious Discrimination Bill, FOI and Press Freedoms

6PR Mornings with Gareth Parker

Subjects: Wage underpayments and Labor election review

6PR Mornings with Gareth Parker

Subjects: Leadership presentation to Year 5 students; Woolworths

ABC TV 7.30 Report

Subjects: wage underpayment – Aged Care Royal Commission

6PR Mornings with Gareth Parker

Subjects: John Setka; press freedoms

Sky News with Paul Murray

Subjects: Press Freedoms

Doorstop Press Gallery Canberra

Subjects: ACT cannabis, Religious discriminations; Australians in Syria

ABC TV - Insiders with Fran Kelly

Subjects: Press freedoms; religious freedoms; Syria, ACT cannabis laws; racehorse slaughter